after Stadlmann, Vienna, 1732 + 1750

after Stadlmann, Vienna, 1732 + 1750


For my first baryton I used the instrument of Johann Joseph Stadlmann, which he built for Prince Esterhazy in Vienna 1750. The original is located in Budapest and is very highly decorated. For example, the back is made up of three parts with a wavy joint, and it has alternating ebony and ivory half edging in all possible locations!

7 bowed strings, 10 resonating strings, string length approx. 63.5 cm. 


The instrument shown in the photos here is my interpretation of the Daniel Agnatius Stadlmann from 1732. The original instrument is in the KHM in Vienna. I have used flamed walnut for the ribs and back. The string length on this instrument is 65 cm. 


'This is what the owner of my first baryton has to say about is instrument:

It is my great pleasure to play a baryton made by Henner Harders. This instrument speaks very light and brisk, has a noble sound and a good characteristic resonance. Perfection and accuracy of carvings - 'real viol maker's masterpiece' - this is not only my opinion, but also that of many musicians in Poland'. 


Kazimierz Gruszczyñski - founder and leader of The Polish Baryton Trio 


Photos 1-5 by R. Scheikowski