small 7-string bass viol


I found this wonderful one-piece cherry back and had to make an extra instrument with it.

Cherry ribs, bent front, pierced scroll made from pear wood with ebony pegs. String length 698 mm


The Instrument is finished and I love it. You are welcomed to try it out!


More info on this model:


small 7-string bass viol

after Michel Colichon, Paris 1683


The original for this viola da gamba can be found in the museum in Paris and is original in all parts except tailpiece, bridge and pegs. This one, as well as two other Colichon viols from 1687 and 1688, has the back, sides and even the top (bent from five parts) made of Cedrela Odorata, a wood from which cigar boxes are still made today. 


I recommend this model as a very versatile model, it sounds very full and projects well. 


Body length 66.8 cm, string length approx. 70 cm.